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Coffee, Teas, Smoothies & Juices

    • Smoothies

    • £3.60

    • Berry Merry

      Blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, banana & cranberry juice

    • Pink Panther

      Strawberry, melon, mango & apple juice

    • Tango Mango

      Mango, pineapple, passionfruit, banana & orange juice

    • Tutti Frutti

      Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, pineapple & orange juice

    • Breakfast Smoothie

      Blueberry, raisins, oats, banana & apple juice

    • Juices

    • £3.20

    • Apple

    • Carrot

    • Orange

    • Carrot, apple & ginger

    • Teas

    • £2.00 per pot (serves 1)

    • Lemon & Ginger

      A ginger kick with refreshing lemon.  Summer in a cup...ahhh

    • Everyday Brew

      Our signature blend, our daily cuppa, our builders brew - Yum.

    • Chamomile Flower

      Sleep-promoting properties, relaxing muscles and soothing anxiety - time for a nap.

    • Earl Grey

      Comes with some real oomph and wallop...

    • Jasmine Pearl

      Jasmine tea doesn't get any purer than this!

    • Peppermint

      Peppermint is great for soothing sore tummies and helping us to keep a healthy digestive system.

    • Mao Feng Green

      This tea is special, unlike any other green tea on the market.

    • Super Fruits

      A fruit tea that packs a super fruity punch.

    • Coffee

    • Served in medium and large sizes

    • Americano

      £2.20 | £2.40
    • Cafe Latte

      £2.30 | £2.50
    • Cafe Chai Latte

      £2.30 | £2.60
    • Espresso

      £1.80 | £2.00
    • Mocha

      £2.30 | £2.50
    • Macchiato

      £2.00 | £2.20
    • Cappuccino

      £2.30 | £2.50
    • Iced Coffee

      £3.00 (large)
    • Iced Chocolate

      £3.00 (large)
    • Flat White

      £2.50 (medium)
    • Hot Chocolate

      £2.20 | £2.50
    • Syrup Shot

    • Flake

    • Cream

    • Marshmallows

    • Decaffeinated tea and coffee, soya and skimmed milk available on request.

coffee holborn georges cafe

Where does our coffee and tea come from?

Our coffee is ethically sourced and fairly traded by small farmers around the world. The beans themselves are roasted at Ground Coffee Society’s very own coffee roasting facility in Putney, London. All of the beans are roasted in small batches to ensure freshness, then packaged by hand, ensuring quality in every bag. We use their regular house blend ‘Caveman’.  Ground Coffee Society partner with Compassion UK to sponsor a child with every new supplier contract.

Our tea is from TeaPigs. They not only create quality artisan brews, but are also committed to giving back to the communities that bring us our tea. Most of the tea for the everyday brew comes from Gisenyi in Rwanda. TeaPigs work with the Point Foundation (who are based there) to support orphans and vulnerable young people in the area. TeaPigs also make a donation to the Point Foundation with every pack of everyday brew sold.